ALBSA.ME: What Do You See? Artefact #1
ALBSA.ME: What Do You See? is a mini-project that focuses on institutional critique undertaken at Stow College, Glasgow School of Art as part of a larger curatorial project - ALBSA.ME ( The project's aim is to translate contemporary conversations from the ‘curatorial’ - what Irit Rogoff describes an ‘event of knowledge’ - occurring from the harmony of multiple public ideas - into a cohesive exhibition surrounding a made up central theme.

The project has two phases: What Do You See? and Taming the Demon. The phases demonstrate the progression of the project around temporal and spatial changes in institutional and public life in regards to a cohesive display. This brochure was an artefact intended for physical display within the degree show, elaborating on the project’s development and documentation of the strategy taken in presenting its theme.

ALBSA.ME: Phase II - Taming the Demon. Artefact #2
ALBSA.ME: Taming the Demon is a progression of the What Do You See project, following the events of social isolation across Europe and the transition from institutional to domestic activity. The aim of this phase within the project is to review current online discussions and activities, comparing how societies (as well as participants involved in the What Do You See project) are evolving new spatial and temporal relationships with others in a digital institution, away from the Glasgow School of Art. 

ALBSA.ME: What Do You See? DS2020 Simulator
ALBSA.ME: What Do You See? can be experienced in VR, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Benjamin Hall and his programming team. In the DS2020 Simulator, exhibition architecture, gallery furniture and artefacts intended for the degree show are all emulated through its spatial and temporal imitations of Stow College, Glasgow School of Art. Consulting Artefacts #1, #2, and the possibilities of the simulator, justify the project's aim of harmonising artists' voices in institutional critique of the ideal exhibition space. It also envisages the developments of social isolation that followed the transition to domestic institutions away from the Glasgow School of Art.

DS2020 Simulator (Credit - Benjamin Hall et al.):